At Absolute Charm Real Estate Group, our core mission is to serve our clients to a level far greater than they could have imagined.  We understand how difficult it can be sifting through all the Fredericksburg, Texas real estate listings. Which is why we so strongly believe in the power of working teamwork.  We are a team.  We work as a team, struggle as a team, grow as a team, and improve as a team.  

Our Annual Team Retreat allows us to tear down and dissect all the things we have done over the past year and find ways to raise the bar yet again.  We revisit our team mission, our core values, and just exactly who we want to be as Realtors in Fredericksburg, TX's premier real estate firm.  

Our current CORE VALUES, and boy was it hard to narrow them down, are:

While at the Retreat, we also learn new software, set team goals, and undergo personality typing to help us understand better how to work more seamlessly with each other AND with our clients.  We also do a little dreaming of our futures... and as with all things Absolute Charm does... we have a whole lot of fun!

And of course, we brainstorm new projects and programs to help not only our firm and our clients but our community.  We look forward to implementing our latest initiative #AgentForChange very soon... so check back for even bigger and better things to come.