Brand Manager in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg native Savannah grew up in the family business … well, businesses. As Tammy Sikes Pack’s daughter, she learned at an early age the importance of hard work, professionalism, and ingenuity and effortlessly applies these abilities for the team at Absolute Charm Real Estate Group in Fredericksburg.  Few are better at problem solving and finding creative solutions than Savannah. 

She began helping in her family’s retail store, Tea Rose Quilts, on Fredericksburg’s Main Street at the age of 10 just as the family started Absolute Charm B&B Reservation Service. Savannah quickly learned to use the B&B service’s point of sale software to make reservations, all while ringing up sales on the retail side as well.

Savannah studied at Pepperdine University and interned a few days a week for a luxury boutique brokerage and gained a tremendous amount of practical skill. Even during that time, her advice was sought by the Absolute Charm team when developing ads, branding concepts, or any marketing piece.

Now, Savannah has returned to her roots to continue building the Absolute Charm brand. Her innate understanding of marketing and branding, her natural aesthetic for design, and friendly delegation are invaluable to the team. She intends to obtain her real estate license and combine her love of marketing with her love of sales and working with people.